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Simona La Terra

Blogger, Traveler, Taste-maker

Here I am, once upon a time my kitchen…Mine is a moving kitchen: many years moving from town to town has created in me the desire  to hold tight to my Italian roots, especially my traditional Sicilian cuisine, and also the desire to discover  new flavors that the new places offer me.

So often I mix my tradition with the tradition of a new country…Mixing imagination and cooking is  like travelling,  my other passion.

I learned to cook by myself because cooking is my passion, never participated in a cooking class  and many times during the last 30 years I studied new topics and improved my knowledge about food, cuisine, tradition, and innovation.

I don’t like complicated dishes; instead, I prefer a very simple and healthy cuisine that respects the traditions with a bit of fantasy.


I also like so much to follow the new trends in cuisine; that's why in my blog I will link my dishes and my discussions with other blogs related to vegans, healthy food, sports diet, and so on.

We need to figure out the origin of the recipes, how we could modify ingredients to enhance the flavors, discovering new elements and new combinations.


My idea is to build an area where we can share our ideas, where we can mix food and travel, a place where we could investigate the sources of each recipe and create  new ones. A place where we could tell our personal story linked to a recipe;   a place where we could organize events and create fun food .


The important thing  for me  is to let others  discover and enjoy my recipes, my tradition, my inventiveness but, at the same time, I would like to learn from others and improve my passion.


So let’s go to discover it…So Far So Cook…


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