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Orange Cookies


Orange and Cinnamon cookies are the best idea for Christmas gifts!

They are delicious and scented and also so cute to look at.

Easy to prepare in few steps.

Try it!

Here are the ingredients and the steps.You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page (my profile - highlights) or in my YouTube channel.


  • 1 Egg

  • 150gr/ 3/4 cups Sugar

  • 130gr/ 1/2 cups Butter

  • 270gr/ 2 cups Flour

  • 1 Orange Zest

  • 3 teaspoon Powdered Cinnamon

  • White Chocolate/Marmelade/Powdered Sugar to decorate


  1. Place in a bowl the Flour, the Sugar, the Powdered Cinnamon and start mixing

  2. Add the Orange zest and the Butter, mixing

  3. Add the Egg and continue mixing for 1 minute

  4. Cover the dough with plastic paper and leave in the refrigeratore for 1 hour

  5. Roll out the dough and cut with cooking cutter in the shape you prefer

  6. Place the cookies in a baking pan and bake 350F for 10/15 minutes

  7. You can decorate the cookies covering them with white Chocolate and adding some cranberries or pistachios or you can fill with Marmelade or just spread on top powdered sugar.

Buon Natale

So Far So Cook

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