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Spaghetti with Clams


today I will show you one of my favorite recipe: Spaghetti with Clams.

It is simple to prepare and it remember me the sea and my town Siracusa.

Here are the ingredients and the steps. You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page (my profile - highlights) or in my YouTube channel.


  • Spaghetti

  • Clams

  • Garlic

  • White wine

  • parsley

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • place the clams in a bowl covered with water and leave them for 30 minutes. In this way they will release the sand inside

  • place the clams in a pan (plain) and start cooking for 15 minutes, waiting they will be opened

  • in another pan place Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic and cook for 2 minutes

  • meantime the clams already released the water. filter this water that you will need for cooking in the second step, the clams.

  • when the garlic is golden, add the clams opened, add the water filtered and the wine. Add also the parsley and cook for 15 minutes or so.

  • meantime you can cook spaghetti

  • Serve spaghetti with clams on top

Buon Appetito

So Far So Cook

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