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today a traditional Italian dish: Bruschetta.

It is one of the most ancient Italian appetizer.

The name arrive from "Abbrustolito" that means grilled bread.

We suppose it born in central Italy and was considered a simple poor dish, the right way to use old bread and avoid to throw it in the trash.

The first version was just grilled bread and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

The classic one is with Tomatoes but today I show you another way to prepare it, always with Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bread.


Here are the ingredients and the steps. You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page (my profile - highlights) or in my YouTube channel.


  • Sliced Bread

  • Tomatoes

  • Mozzarella

  • Basil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Oregano

  • Salt


  1. Slice Bread and grill it

  2. Cut the Tomatoes in the middle and grate it

  3. You will have like a raw sauce. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Oregano

  4. Spread on top of the Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  5. Add the Tomato Sauce

  6. Add on Top Mozzarella and Basil Leaves

Buon Appetito!

Simple is good!

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