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Pistachio Carbonara


I know it is weird but I love Pistachio and I love Carbonara, so I decided to mix all together and...delicious!

Here is a special Spaghetti with one of my favorite ingredient, Pistachio!

Here are the ingredients and the steps. You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page (my profile - highlights) or in my YouTube channel.


  • Spaghetti

  • Pistachio powdered

  • Guanciale or Bacon

  • Pecorino cheese

  • Salt


  • place in a frying pan the Guanciale or Bacon cut in little pieces and fry very slow for 10 minutes, waiting that it become transparent and release the fat. You don't need Oil

  • cook Spaghetti in boiling and salted water

  • when Spaghetti are ready, place it in the frying pan with the Guanciale or Pancetta and cook, mixing, for another 3 minutes

  • add Pistachio powdered continuing mixing

  • spread on top grated Pecorino cheese

Buon Appetito

So Far So Cook

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