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Potato Pie


Today I have something in the oven for you!

It is an easy and fast recipe that you can prepare when you have guests for dinner or when you need something for a potluck!

Here the ingredients and the steps.

You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page, my profile, highlights or in my Youtube channel.


Puff Pastry


Parmesan grated

Black olives


Mozzarella cheese

Extra virgin olive oil



  • cook the potatoes peeled and sliced, in a frying pan, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt, and if you need some water. Cook for 15 minutes or so

  • meantime roll out the puff pastry

  • when the potatoes are ready, place it in the puff pastry and add on top, parmesan grated, mozzarella cheese and black olives. Bake for 40 minutes

  • add prosciutto on top as decoration

Buon Appetito

So Far So Cook

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