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Stuffed Peppers


who are saying that the vegetable are not so tasty???

Today I prepared an amazing recipe with red peppers, so tasty and easy to prepare in few steps.

I love red peppers and Stuffed red peppers are always present in Sicilian kitchens.

You can stuff them with beef, ground beef, vegetables, rice, pasta.

you can cook it using the oven but also the barbeque...why not!

It is important that at the end they will be crisp on top!

Today I prepared a new recipe!

Follow me in my kitchen to discover the doses and the steps!

Here are the ingredients and the steps. You can find the video recipe in my Instagram page (my profile - highlights) or in my YouTube channel.


  • Belly Peppers

  • Bread

  • Black and Green Olives

  • Provolone cheese

  • Tuna in canvas

  • Parsley

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • Milk

  • Salt


  1. Divided the Peppers in 2 parts

  2. In a bowl place the Bread and wet it with milk

  3. Add the Tuna in canvas, the chopped Black and Green Olives, the Provolone cheese in little pieces and the chopped Parsley and mix all together

  4. Spread on top of the Peppers, the salt

  5. Add inside the stuff that you prepared

  6. Place the Peppers in a baking pan

  7. Spread on top Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  8. Bake them 380F for 1 hour.

Buon Appetito!

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